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Spring & Fall Cleanups

  • 1 h
  • Residential / Commercial / Cottage

Service Description

Spring/Fall Clean-ups Making sure your property is “put to bed” properly in the fall is essential for healthy overwintering conditions and makes for an easier spring clean-up. A spring clean-up is equally important to ensure a fresh start to the season. Aeration, over-seeding, and fertilization services are also recommended in the spring and/or fall to help reduce compaction of the soil from summer traffic or winter compaction, assist in the reduction of thatch build-up, and provide essential nutrients that will increase your lawn’s overwintering capabilities. Spring Clean-up - Litter pick-up - Raking of turf areas and removal of any leaf litter or debris - Flowerbed maintenance and edging - Pruning/trimming of necessary trees/bushes/hedges - First lawn cutting - Full property inspection and recommendations Fall Clean-up - Litter pick-up - Clean-up and removal of all leaves and debris - Flowerbed maintenance (annual removal/perennial cutback) and edging - Pruning/trimming of necessary trees/bushes/hedges - Final lawn cutting - Final property inspection

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233 Nobel Road, Nobel, ON, Canada

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